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Discover ultimate rooftop bags and telescope bags for your adventures. Expertly crafted, our bags, racks, and organizers will elevate your travels by protecting your gear and belongings.

BagMate auto top carrier, XXL waterproof rooftop cargo carrier


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XXL Military-Grade Waterproof Roof Bag 23 Cubic Feet

Multipurpose 40-Inch Bag for Long Telescopes

XL Military-Grade Waterproof Roof Bag 19 Cubic Feet

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20 Cubic Feet Waterproof Hitch Cargo Carrier Bag

UTV Storage Side by Side Bag Organizer with 9 Pockets

Multi-Piece Padded and Reinforced ATV Bag

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What Makes Us Proud?

At BagMate, we weave resilience into every thread. Our bags are more than carriers; they’re guardians of your journey’s treasures, tailored to embrace every challenge with unwavering strength. Choose confidence, choose BagMate.

BagMate tail hitch cargo carrier, durable hitch luggage rack


BagMate transcends ordinary protection. Envision a shield, meticulously engineered – our car roof bags are impregnable fortresses against the storm. Every seam, every zipper, a testament to safeguard your belongings from harsh elements.

Waterproof zippers for car bags and rooftoop luggage carriers

Your journey’s armor, crafted for serenity in every mile. Trust BagMate to be the steadfast guardian of your travel treasures.

And Once Again, Safety!

In the realm of safety, BagMate sets a new standard. For example, our telescope bags, encase your gear in shock-absorbent walls. Every journey, every stargazing adventure, is under the vigilant watch of our craftsmanship.

Layers of safety: waterproof padded fabric and EVA Foam
Reimagining safety, crafting tranquility for your celestial quests. Let BagMate be the silent sentinel for your telescope.
BagMate W30 telescope bags, padded case telescope for secure storage
Reinforced BagMate automobile luggage carrier, ATV storage solution


Durability is the cornerstone of every BagMate product. Our car roof bags are woven from the threads of resilience, using military-grade fabric that withstands the test of time and terrain. Like a steadfast ally, they endure, unwavering in their commitment to your adventures.

Closeup on rugged closures of BagMate auto top carrier, XXL waterproof rooftop cargo carrier

Crafted to last, BagMate’s gear stands as a beacon of reliability. Journey forth with the confidence that your gear is as enduring as your spirit.

Perfect Fit.

Precision and adaptability define the essence of BagMate’s design philosophy. Our cargo bags mold to your needs, offering a spectrum of sizes to securely embrace a wide array of loads. Similarly, our telescope bags feature customizable compartments, ensuring a snug haven for every piece of your celestial gear.

R8 BagMate bag for optical tubes, shock-absorbent telescope accessory case.

With BagMate, embrace the harmony of a perfect fit. Your adventures, amplified by gear that adjusts to you, promise seamless journeys ahead.

XL waterproof BagMate car carrier for top of car, durable material.

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